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Immigration Medical


1. Making Your Appointment

The practice is open on Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

For visa medical appointments, please use our online BOOKING FORM and questionnaire. Please note, if you have an early appointment, you will not be allowed access into the building until 9:00am. Otherwise, please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time to allow us to carry out the necessary administration.

Please note Knightsbridge Doctors operate a cancellation policy.  If an immigration medical examination is cancelled within 10 days of the appointment a £50 cancellation charge is incurred.  Additionally if the cancellation is within 24 hours of the booked appointment, the full fee will be charged.

All medicals are now processed electronically on eMedical

Please have the following information ready when you call us:

  • Your preferred appointment dates
  • IME or UCI number if you have applied for your visa – this can be found on the “Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary” form

If you have not already lodged an application with IRCC or do not have an IME/UMI number, an “upfront medical” can be completed prior to your making a visa application. This involves us creating a new IRCC case file for you.

Further information on the health requirements may be found on the Canadian Immigration & Citizenship website: www.cic.gc.ca.

For Female Applicants:

  • A full physical examination is required so if you wish to request a female Doctor, please let us know when booking the appointment. The examination does not involve a breast or pelvic examination.

2. What To Bring To Your Appointment

  • A valid Passport; the medical cannot proceed without this
  • Your Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary Form
  • Spectacles or contact lenses if you wear them
  • Copies of GP and/or Specialist reports, if available, for any significant medical conditions
  • For children of 7 or under, the 'Red Book' health record, if available

Upfront applicants (UFME) who have not yet applied for their visas only need to bring a valid passport.

As Canadian Immigration medicals are processed through the online eMedical system there is no need to bring photographs

3. What To Expect During The Examination

All applicants will undergo a full medical examination, including a urine test for anyone aged 5 years and above.

The medical involves a physical examination, where the applicant will undress to underwear whilst wearing a gown.

If you require a chaperone during the medical examination, ideally please let us know in advance. You will need to undress down to your underclothes.

Applicants aged 11 years and above will require a chest X-ray.

Visa applicants aged 15 years and above will require blood tests for HIV and syphilis status and kidney function.

4. Price List

Adult (medical, chest X-Ray, HIV and syphilis and kidney function tests)£360
Child aged 11-14 years (includes chest X-ray) £230
Child aged under 11 years£110
Child aged under 5 years£90
Chest X-Ray only£120